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A Solid Commitment to Service

With over 25 years of experience, M&R Plating, Inc. provides quality plating backed with and unparalleled commitment to service.   Our staff will work with you to carefully assess your needs and to develop the best solutions for your specific requirements. 

At M&R Plating, Inc., we believe that excellent customer service includes offering competitive pricing.  Call us for a no-obligation, customized quotation. 

Consistent Quality:  You Can Count On It. 

Consistent quality is our top priority.  Our Quality Assurance Processing guarantees that all coatings are to the exact specified thickness and meet both manufacturer's and your quality standards.

Our commitment to staying at the leading edge of our industry insures that your finished products will meet or exceed your expectations. 

Diverse Capabilities to Serve Major Industries

Our 35,000 square foot plant is big enough to service large clients, but small enough to allow us  to take pride in what we do.   Our continuing customer base includes the construction, automotive, fastener, industrial, farm implement and hardware industries.

By providing both mechanical plating and electroplating, we give you a choice of plating methods to obtain the best finish for your product. 

Extra Services to Meet Your Needs

Regular pick up and delivery to the St. Louis area and to surrounding areas in Missouri and Illinois.  Call for specific shipping information. 

Samples - Short Runs

Will help to develop proper kind and amount of coating.

Zinc Electroplating

Our fully automated zinc barrel and rack electroplating line gives you the optimum in electroplating.  By providing both rack and barrel plating, we can give you a choice of plating methods to obtain the best finish for your product. 

Mechanical Plating and Galvanizing

M&R Plating, Inc. offers mechanical plating and galvanizing with full conformance to coating , thickness, adherence and quality requirements of ASTM B-454 Class 50 or 40. 

The mechanical plating and galvanizing process is suitable for parts up to 6" in length and 1 pound in weight.  M&R Plating, Inc. provides quality work meeting the following criteria:

Contact Us:
M&R Plating, Inc.
303 Westlink Industrial Drive
Washington, MO 63090
(TEL) 636-239-3427
(FAX) 636-239-3310

M&R Plating, Inc. is committed to protecting the environment by utilizing state of the art technology. 
We employ complete waste treatment facilities in compliance with all city, state, and federal guidelines.